This training module has been developed within the context of eENVplus project (

Authors: CNR-IMATI, disy

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As part of the eENVplus project about infrastructures for the INSPIRE implementation, a Thesaurus Framework (LusTRE) is being developed which interlinks different environmental domain thesauri and offers access to them as one virtual integrated linked data source - which shall support better metadata compilation and metadata discovery for describing and finding INSPIRE data and services. It has been designed according to semantic web and W3C recommendations employing SKOS and Linked Data to publish the thesauri as a whole in machine-understandable format.

The learning objective of this module is to offer knowledge of LusTRE: the content of the framework as well as the set of services available to exploit them. The training materials refer to two main components:

  1. The Content Module provides an overview of the set of terminologies (thesaurus/code list) available within the framework as well as the interlinking among the terminologies developed in the project. This module also touches the subject of the state of play of existing terminologies for the Environment and their usability evaluation.
  2. The Service Module (TFES) provides a user guide about the framework exploitation services understanding how the services work and taking the best advantage from them.

This module contains the following parts:

  1. “LusTRE Thesaurus Framework high level overview: basic concept and organisation”
  2. LusTRE Thesaurus Framework Content
    • Content description
    • State of play of existing terminologies for the Environment
    • LusTRE Look&feel: how to access to LusTRE content
  3. Thesaurus Framework Exploitation Services (TFES) user guide
  4. First-hand experience on developing client application exploiting LusTRE: LusTRE integration in the INSPIRE metadata editor EUOSME and in INSPIRE Geoportal.
Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes are related to the different kind of learners. After completion of the module, the learner will understandthe basic concepts of LusTRE Thesaurus Framework for the Environment (for all typology of audience); will know, how to use the LusTRE TFES (for GI/ICT Professionals); will be aware about the available terminology content to be properly exploited in thematic domain (for end users).

Intended Audience
This module aims at (i) GI/ICT professionals , e.g. who have to implement front end system for metadata compilation or data discovery, (ii) end users such as data provider who have to provide metadata as well as common user who has to search for data.

GI/ICT professionals participant interested in exploit LusTRE services should have a basic understanding about Linked Data principle and Web Services (see the “Introduction to Linked data“ Module). Data provider should have basic notion about INSPIRE and metadata (see the “Introduction to INSPIRE “ Module). No pre-requisites for the end user.

PDF documents, PPT presentations, demonstrations with video or screencast. The module is a self-learning module.
Expected workload
3 hours