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Authors: Marc Bonazountas.

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The aim of this application is to provide forest fire management solutions. In this module are presented two functionalities of the application (Fire Simulation & Evacuation-Routing Service).

Fire Simulation calculates the fire propagation depending on meteorological conditions, on terrain layout and fuel content. The users by clicking on the map (defining the ignition point of the fire) and inserting the desired parameters can view the spatiotemporal evolution of the fire. Moreover they can enter default values for some parameters.

Evacuation-Routing Service enables the routing of Firefighting Forces towards the frond of the fire and the evacuation of the area of citizens. The service generates the best available evacuation route. The optimum route is calculated dynamically based on (i) the nearest distance, and (ii) the fire’s predicted evolution for the next few hours.

This module contains the following parts:

  • Presentation of the application (two basic functionalities: Fire Simulation & Evacuation-Routing Service)
Learning outcomes

The learners are expected to understand the concepts and main components of the Forest Fire Management Scenario in eENVplus project.

Intended Audience
This application can support decision making among Civil Protection Operators, Public Administrators and Forest Fire experts during the life cycle phases of forest management. Moreover, citizens can use this application in order to get aware of forest fire risk and also potential evacuation routes. .

No pre-requisites are required.

PPT presentation & Video
Expected workload
Expected workload is 30 minutes