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Author: Juliette Dujardin, Katleen Miserez, Stefaan Van Mieghem (VMM).

The material is provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (


The goal of the module is to describe the process of creation of a sewage management web client application, and the integration of INSPIRE compliant viewing and downloading services into the application. The first step to make this possible, is the harmonisation of the existing dataset. Next, a web portal is adapted and enriched with new functionalities to fulfil the needs of the agency.

Before the edits get ingested in the sewer database, the content of the edits are validated by VMM. For this purpose, some validation rules have been implemented and added to the application as a ‘content validator’.

The different steps of the implementation of the web application is described in the second training component of this module.


Component 1: Pilot general overview

  • Context
    • The sewage system in Flanders (Belgium)
    • Sewer managers in Flanders (Belgium)
    • The role of the VMM
  • Needs
    • INSPIRE compliancy
    • A centralised sewer database
    • A centralised database management system
  • Use cases and user requirements
  • Solution
    • INSPIRE-compliant centralised sewage database
    • Web application to publish the data`
    • Integrated Joint Management Tool for the DB
  • Impact and benefits of the pilot application

Component 2: Creating a INSPIRE-compliant sewage web application

  • Creation of an INSPIRE compliant sewage database and hydrography
  • The setup of INSPIRE viewing and downloading services (WMS/WFS) of the sewage database and the Flemish hydrography
  • Adaptation of an existing web application with integration of a joint management tool
  • Integration of the INSPIRE viewing and downloading services (WMS/WFS) to the web application
  • Integration of some validation rules in the web application
Learning outcomes

The audience will get information on a practical example on how to make sewage data INSPIRE compliant and how to publish the data as a viewing/downloading service and access it from a web based application.

Intended Audience

The module targets technicians, managers and decision makers interested in sewage data management in the context of the INSPIRE Directive.

Basic knowledge of INSPIRE.
Presentation (2 parts as mentioned above)
Expected workload
2 hours