This module has been developed within eENVplus project (
Authors: Jarmila Cikánkova, Jiri Roubinek, Jiri Kvapil, Jitka Faugnerova. The material is provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (

CSspire is an application that helps to solve citizens their “every-day-life” situations. Citizens read simple question and identify their location of interest in a map. This starts rather complicated analysis above spatial data, but returns a clear and structured answer. The answer includes all information needed: links to relevant legislation, if needed forms to be filled in and if needed a list of relevant public authorities to get in contact with for permissions.

As a benefit CSspire “operates” in two neighbouring countries Czech and Slovak Republic, whose 23 years ago used to form one country Czechoslovakia. Up till now citizens of both countries have to solve sometimes the “every-day-life” situation concerning e.g. management of their property on the other side of the border. Since both countries have developed separately, provisions in their laws are often different, which is not known to general public. This is why CSspire is a simple application that can be used by anyone. At this moment starting with two environmental themes based on INSPIRE harmonised data: drilling a well and cutting down trees.


This module contains three parts as follows:

  • General presentation of the overall situation (too many complicated laws – citizens ask simple questions and need to obtain simple answer)
  • Video with presentation of one example
  • Online presentation of the application with various examples given by the audience
Learning outcomes

Intended Audience
This learning module can be used in any e-government training event organized by public authorities for themselves or for local or regional authorities – in order to train their employers. An appropriate event to train the citizens could be organized to promote the application.
No pre-requisites are required.
Czech, Slovak
PPT presentation, PPT presentation with voice, video (15 mins)
Expected workload
Expected workload is 1 hour