This training module has been developed within the context of the eENVplus project (
Author: Konstantinos A. Nedas, Stelios Bollanos (PLANETEK HELLAS), Jens Stutte, Diomede Illuzzi, Nicola Lunanova, Freddy Fierens (PLANETEK ITALIA). The material is provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (

This training module demonstrates how to navigate and use the INSPIRE geoportal instance that was specifically developed for the eENVplus program. This geoportal, in addition to EU Member State data, also allows retrieving resources developed exclusively within the context of the eENVplus program (e.g. pilot projects’ data). Besides explaining the terminology and concepts employed in the geoportal’s interface, prospective users are also shown how to discover geospatial resources and accomplish specific workflows through the usage of the various modalities available in the User Interface of the geoportal. Each of the major subsections of the geoportal is explained separately and examples are provided on how to conduct hierarchical browsing, perform simple searches, and execute advanced queries against the metadata of the registered resources through the use of multiple filters. Furthermore, users are also provided with examples on how to collect datasets of interest as they search and visualize and inspect them by overlaying them in the available viewer component. An additional section is included that explains to advanced users and administrators, among the eENVplus partners, the underlying linkage mechanisms to the Thesaurus Framework and provides hints on how to configure and parameterize Discovery services to be included into the harvesting mechanism of the geoportal.


1. Introduction to the Geoportal-An overview

2. The Main Page

3. Browsing the Catalogue

4. How to Formulate Queries and Find Data

5. Combining Your Work: The Basket and the Geographic Viewer

6. Additional Details for Advanced Users and Administrators

Learning outcomes

After finishing this training module, participants will be able to fully leverage the potential of the INSPIRE geoportal by conducting elaborate searches and combining the results.

Intended Audience
The largest part of this module is addressed both to GIS and ICT professionals as well as to the wider public and in fact encompasses everyone interested in searching for and retrieving geospatial resources. The last part of the module is of interest only to advanced users and eENVplus partners. 
Basic knowledge of INSPIRE.
Presentations (or Weblecture).
Expected workload
Expected workload is 45 minutes.