This training module has been developed within eENVplus project (
Author: The eENVplus Consortium. The materials are provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (

The objective of this training module is to define clearly the details of eENVPlus system architecture, the set of components that are available to support the stakeholders from the initial (harmonization and manipulation of original data) to the ending (visualization of data according with INSPIRE directive) phase. This module provides a set of guidelines that can be used to design INSPIRE compliant SDIs.

The module consists of three main parts as follows:
  • Part 1: eENVPlus infrastructure: basic concept and organisation of the module
  • Part 2: eENVPlus infrastructure: high level overview
  • Part 3: eENVPlus System Architecture
    1. eENVPlus System Architecture: Data level
    2. eENVPlus System Architecture: Middleware level
    3. eENVPlus System Architecture: Application level
Learning outcomes

After completion the module, the learner will understand how the eENVPlus system architecture is structured, and will be able to design future SDIs starting from a well tested system architecture.

Intended Audience

Managers, Professionals, End users.

  • None.
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PDF documents. The module is a self-learning module.
Expected workload
3 hours.