This training module has been developed within eENVplus project (
Author: Veronika Koskova, (SAZP) - András Attila Takács (MoA). The materials are provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (

The WPA MCM application provides the users access to the Nature Conservation Information System - protected sites information of Hungary and the Slovak republic combined with hydrography – water courses data by using android smartphone sensors (accelerometer/gyro/GPS). As a visitor get nearby a protected site object of point of interest (POI), and position the android device to the direction of the target, the WPA MCM application provide relevant information on the site. In addition application provides user with possibility to add new POI as point graphic layer and attribute information about the POI.

The aim of the module is to provide application (Window on the Protected Areas - Mobile Conservation Map - WPA MCM) help material for easing usage for potential users The training material is provided as PPT presentation and training video.

The module consists of two parts as follows:
  • General PPT presentation about the WPA MCM;
  • Training video about the WPA MCM.
Learning outcomes

The participant shall understand 1) how to use Pilot Application: Window on protected Areas, how to query and navigate the national natural heritage of Hungary and the Slovak Republic easily accessing to the protected area network.

The participant should be able to remember 2) few key words to be used in searching for additional information on the learned subject.

1) Understanding: Constructing meaning from oral, written, and graphic messages through interpreting, exemplifying, classifying, summarizing, inferring, comparing, and explaining. 2) Remembering: Retrieving, recognizing, and recalling relevant knowledge from long-term memory.

Intended Audience

Target groups: managers, GI/IT staff, citizens.


No pre-requisites are required

PPT presentation, Training video with subtitles
Expected workload
1 hour