The eENVplus Services Infrastructure

eENVplus provides tools addressing multi-level interoperability stack.

  • through a comprehensive open, scalable infrastructure able to link to existing infrastructures developed through international or national-level initiatives (e.g. the INSPIRE portal)
  • through a set of software components that allow communication, through interoperable standards, between existing legacy applications and the eENVplus service ecosystem
  • through development of daisy-chained services to allow creation of high-level functionalities from interconnection of interoperable lower-level services
  • through a set of innovative on-line pre-built services facilitating the development of innovative applications
  • through a Common Environment Thesaurus Framework, supporting via Linked Data the integration of existing Thesauri for environmental application, which facilitates data sharing through a common understanding of the meaning of terms and concepts
  • through a comprehensive toolkit with guidelines and examples for data harmonisation and validation to support the Members States in the application of the INSPIRE implementation rules


eENVplus is based on a mixed infrastructure based on SOA and Linked Data.
the eENVplus cloud infrastructure will expose harmonized and interoperable added values services including a portal to describe, manage and access these services.
Other User Portals (from the project Pilots) will exploit and integrate the eENVplus added value services to to expose specialized interoperable applications.

Each eENVplus infrastructure component will be available to all potential stakeholders, according to the Open Source Software policy.


eEnvironmental Services

The following services are foreseen:

  • Harmonisation Toolkit
  • Validation Toolkit
  • eENVplus metadata Catalogue
  • Mobile App Support Service
  • Thesaurus Exploitation Services
    • Metadata Compilation
    • Data Discovery
    • Semantic Explorative Search
  • Data Access Services
    • Web Map Service (WMS)
    • Web Feature Service (WFS)
    • Web Coverage Service (WCS)
    • Catalogue Service for Web (CSW)
    • Sensor Observation Service (SOS)
  • Web Processing Service (WPS)
  • Orchestration Service
  • Reporting Service
  • Crowdsourcing Service
  • Validation Service
  • Ingestion Service and Work Flow
  • Advanced (3D/AR) Visualization Support Service

Harmonisation and Validation

A set of transformation services will enable users to run data and metadata remodelling processes. Validation services will enable data and metadata validation processes necessary to claim the compliance against the applicable specifications (INSPIRE).

Thesaurus Framework

It will be easier to express, expose, share and consume semantic metadata to facilitate the widespread adoption of open data for digital content in the environmental area. Advanced services will ease access and re-use of harmonised datasets against linguistic barriers.

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