Copenhagen (DK), 25-26 November 2015


The Objectives of the Meeting was to communicate and discuss INSPIRE implementation in EEA/EIONET and to liaise with the other relevant European initiatives.
The lessons learnt from the eEnvPlus project were presented.


  • Introduction about the adopted approach for interoperability in the context of INSPIRE (Giorgio Saio, GISIG)
  • INSPIRE thematic data harmonisation (Land Cover, Natural Risk Zones, etc.) (Carlo Cipolloni, ISPRA)
  • INSPIRE metadata management, including sematic interoperability through Thesaurus Framework services
  • INSPIRE data validation with focus on Protected Sites and INSPIRE data specification extension (Stefania Morrone, Epsilon Italia)
  • INSPIRE Training and Capacity Building (Giorgio Saio, GISIG)


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