24 June 2013

The eENVplus project aims to unlock huge amounts of environmental data which is managed by the involved national/regional environment agencies and other public and private environmental stakeholders through the integration and harmonisation of existing services. This data is not only collected to answer reporting obligations on the environment to the European Union, but also to support national and local policies and actions. The pilot does not design new services but rather, starting from the results of previous European experiences (funded projects, good practices, EU/national/local experiences) it integrates existing infrastructure into an operational framework able to overcome cross-border and languages barriers. eENVplus provides not only the ICT infrastructure but also the description and the support to make this infrastructure operational and profitable through the provision of an organisational model and a tutored training framework.
The workshop will cover introduction to the project, use cases and user requirement analysis, harmonisation and validation, thesaurus framework for environment, eENVplus infrastructure, pilot applications, capacity building, and exploitation towards communities and stakeholders.
The workshop is addressed to the stakeholders dealing with geo-information and environmental services. They are: INSPIRE Community and INSPIRE Data Specifications experts, National Environmental Authorities, Local and Regional Environmental Authorities, Thematic Communities, Research, Private sector and SMEs, technology providers, and NGOs.