Lisbon (PT), 29 May 2015

Workshop: “eGovernment and web services: the eENVplus approach opening new operational solutions”


The eENvplus project has concluded the second year of development and most of cloud services are available in the system and testable by the users and pilot partners. At the same time, great parts of pilot are already under development and some of these are able to demonstrate how to use the eENvplus services and INSPIRE data and network services can be applied in different contexts with real examples of spatial analysis.

The workshop aims to present the eENVplus project and its value to support institutions and stakeholders in the INSPIRE implementation in different application domains.

It includes the presentation of the eENVplus main components:

  • a comprehensive, open and scalable infrastructure able to integrate existing infrastructures according to the INSPIRE requirements, open standards and interoperable innovative services;
  • a common Environment Thesaurus Framework, supporting the integration of existing thesauri relevant for the environmental sector via Linked Data and providing added-value services for its integration and exploitation in pilot applications;
  • a comprehensive toolkit with procedures, guidelines and examples for data harmonisation and validation supporting Member States during INSPIRE implementation;
  • a set of innovative on-line added-value interoperable services aiming to facilitate the development of innovative environmental applications;
  • a Training Framework to support, with eLearning tools, the development of the necessary capacities and knowledge to implement INSPIRE, to develop a SEIS and to keep this new adapted infrastructure operational.

The major results of the workshop for the users will be to explore eENvplus infrastructure and build new ideas to address new markets.


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