1 October 2014


eENVplus (eENVironmental services for advanced applications via INSPIRE www.eENVplus.eu) is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness & Innovation Framework Programme 2007-2013.

eENVplus aims is to unlock the vast amounts of environmental data managed by national & regional environmental agencies and other public & private environmental stakeholders, through integration and harmonisation of existing services.

Data is nowadays collected to counter on the one hand EU reporting obligations on the environmental status and on the other to support national and local policies and actions. To achieve its goal, eENVplus implements 10 pilots (via different environmental scenarios allied to air quality, water, nature conservation, geology and land-use, some of them at cross-border level). As such it can integrate existing infrastructures and services, originating from preceding European experiences, into an operational framework intelligent to overcome cross-border and languages barriers.

eENVplus is now operational at its second year, and organizes this workshop as a National project event, primarily addressed to national stakeholders engaged in geoinfo and environment management. As such it delivers project info and context, links to policies and project progress, whilst positioning the basis to exploiting eENVplus outcome in versatile domains and environments.

The aim of the workshop is to allow closer connection of eENVplus in the Hellenic context and to strengthen the involvement of national stakeholders linked to tangible and practical points of vision, in the context of the Greek pilot on Forest Fire management and the INSPIRE implementation and transposition process.

The workshop includes a training session on the use of the eENVplus Toolkit for data and metadata INSPIRE harmonization and validation, thus offering the leeway to stakeholders and the target users to acquire hands-on on INSPIRE data harmonisation procedures and linked to eENVplus offered solutions.


Workshop Proceedings Athens